We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

SQx Dance Company is recruiting 2 Youth Presenters for our new Community Training and Performance Program (CTPP), Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave is a dance program aiming to raise awareness about the oscillation between environmental sustainability and climate change with social inclusion.


JOB TITLE: Youth Presenter

WAGE: $22/Hour X 35 Hours/Week

CONTRACT LENGTH: April 1st, 2024 – September 27th, 2024 (6 months)

LOCATION: Youth presenters will work remotely and in-person in Northern communities in Western Canada & Territories.

REQUIREMENTS: Criminal Record Check – Vulnerable Sector


Youth Presenters will work with other SQx Presenters to design, present, & evaluate Tidal Wave. They will develop a 3-day arts-based community development process to engage vulnerable youth with:

  1. Dance performance by professional dancers
  2. Tik Tok style video development with participants
  3. Discussions investigating different ecological frameworks like: How do climate related disasters more adversely affect vulnerable populations? Consequently, how do climate related disasters support or oppose inclusion? How does water access affect inclusion?


The creation of digital media content is an important aspect of the position of employment. Digital Media is defined as audiovisual media contents and applications that are distributed directly over the internet. This includes digital video contents (e.g. movies, series and TV shows), digital music provided as download or internet-stream as well as digital games for different devices and electronically published content such as eBooks, eMagazines or ePapers.


  • Developing new digital performance & teaching platform for Tidal Wave (that is not recorded)
  • Developing new physical and digital opening performance that will be available on our website on Pay-per-view (PPV)
  • Developing of online evaluation tools for both youth participants & educators
  • Data analysis & documentation to support the development of new Tidal Wave databases to catalogue learning outcomes, feedback, & demographics of vulnerable participant communities to support Tidal Wave’s future distribution & evolution
  • Developing of new databases to identify vulnerable participant communities that synchronize information with online registrations
  • Using Zoom to work with other presenters to develop choreography workshop tasks and exercises for vulnerable youth
  • Cataloguing Tidal Wave participant creative class footage in preparation for video editing
  • Analysis of the Tidal Wave quantitative results of online surveys to present recommendations to those most affected by the organizations actions (formerly known as stakeholders)
  • Support educators by managing databases for different video submission methods and effectively communicating with Tidal Wave recipients to determine the method of digital submission that will work best for their community.
  • Identify the most effective data visualizations to present qualitative and quantitative results from online surveys by Tidal Wave recipients (both educators and youth participants).
  • Develop and edit (using iMovie) 3 sample TikTok videos that combine dance and an environmental sustainability theme to demonstrate how digital platforms can promote positive trends.
  • Develop digital video frameworks that include example filming strategies and digital creation tools for youth participants to follow when creating their own Tidal Wave videos.
  • Completion of choreology training (study of dance science)
  • Completion of training models; Respect In Sport Youth Activity Leader, Keeping Girls in Sport, Supporting Positive Behaviours, Welcoming All Abilities, Gender Equity LENS
  • One-to-one shadowing other staff in engagement of vulnerable populations in physical & digital work
  • Daily debriefs with entire staff on success, challenges, and goals for the upcoming tasks
  • Training will happen both physically and digitally


We engage will people who have been systemically underserved in Canada’s history as well as those that are currently experiencing inequities (physical, economic, or social). In using the term “vulnerable”, we’re not blaming or disempowering vulnerable populations. Instead, we recognize that a person’s proximity to hegemonic characteristics (e.g. male, white, urban, cis, heterosexual, wealthy, able-bodies, and thin) affects the degree of vulnerability.


We have hiring preferences because it’s critical to the identity of our organization, and it is how we work towards continuously improving SQx and our programming and performances to ensure our work considers the experiences of diverse audiences and participants. Our goal by ensuring diverse presenters are at the forefront of creation is to give voice and visibility to vulnerable populations. Each artist brings special knowledge and experiences that influence the social inclusivity outcome of our works.

  • All candidates must be between the 15-30 years old
  • Dance experience is an asset, but not required
  • Preference is given to the following youth populations:
    • Youth with a disability (including those with mental health problems)
    • Low-income youth
    • Youth from remote/rural areas
    • LGBTQIA2S+ Youth
    • Minoritized languages
    • Minortized ethnicities
    • Newcomers and refugees
    • Youth who have not been previously employed

TO APPLY: Email recruiting@sqxdance.org with a cover letter, 1 min dance video, CV, & 3 references.