CAPACOA Welcome’s SQx

CAPACOA Welcome’s SQx

SQx is pleased to announce that we are now members of the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts/l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA). As members of the CAPACOA,  SQx will participate in a strong national association dedicated to fostering a healthy performing arts ecosystem.


The CAPACOA is a national arts service organization supporting the performing arts touring and presenting community. CAPACOA represents over 150 professional for-profit and not-for-profit presenters, festivals, presenter networks, artistic companies, agents, managers and other stakeholders working across the presenting and touring sector in Canada. Collectively, the CAPACOA’s network members represent nearly 2000 professional and volunteer organizations, associations and companies.


As the national leader of Canada’s touring and presenting communities, CAPACOA cultivates a vibrant, healthy and equitable performing arts ecosystem, from artists to audiences.


A world where the performing arts are honored as essential and vital to everyone’s well being.


  • Respect, equity and transparency
  • Innovative and generous leadership
  • Partnerships and reciprocity
  • Curiosity and openness to change


Thank-you CAPACOA for welcoming us to your community! We look forward to exploring the ways in which our membership will contribute to bettering SQx’s performing arts services for vulnerable communities across Canada.