We’re named after a giant tree–the sequoia.  Our programs deliver a SeQuoia eXperience.

Our Values


All performances and interactive programs are designed to promote friendship, understanding, and compassion.


We go ``out and beyond the call of duty`` to build and establish new partnerships with communities and like-minded organizations.


Working together is integral to our methodologies, and practicing what we preach has been the foundation of our success.


We have an athletic physical practice with imagination it its heart.


Our craft requires an elite level of physical fitness. As such, our dancers are inspiring creative athletes and role models.


All of our programming is interactive. In practice this means that performances are always balanced with outreaching programming, and workshops are similarly balanced with performances.


Our mission is to use contemporary dance to promote kinship, collaboration, and teamwork.

We further the development of dance and public engagement in the arts through performance and interactive outreach programming.

We provide flexible touring series for arts venues, public schools, and conservatories to bring performances and interactive programming to both large & small communities.

We use  dance to make the world a better place. 

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Our work targets individuals and communities that identify as vulnerable. We engage with people who have been systemically underserved as well as those that are currently experiencing hegemonic inequities (physical, economic, or social). In using the term “vulnerable,” we are not blaming or disempowering vulnerable populations. Instead, we recognize the systemic barriers that prevent people from fully participating in society. We also note that a person’s proximity to hegemonic characteristics (e.g. white, urban, cis, heterosexual, wealthy, able-bodied, & thin) affects the degree of their vulnerability.


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Carmen began her training at the McKay School of Dance in Trail, BC and furthered her studies at the School of Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She graduated from Mount Allison University (BA (Hons) English) and London Contemporary Dance School (BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance).

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training with master teachers, David and Satya Garrigues in Seattle, WA.

Under Carmen's leadership, SQx performance programs were delivered to 120 000 people across Western Canada in 2016. Her work has also been presented in Spain, Norway, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Iceland, and Morocco.

Carmen’s work has been supported by Government of Canada, Município de Vila do Porto, European Comission, Government of Açores, Province of British Columbia, Columbia Basin Trust, Boeing, Canadian Tire, Pacific Northern Gas, and Telus.

Carmen Moreira

Executive Director & Choreographer
Kaitlyn 1

Kaitlyn received her BFA (Hons) in Performance Dance from Toronto Metropolitan University. Since then, Kaitlyn has performed with SQx touring Western Canada throughout BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, and NWT. She has also presented SQx’s work abroad in Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, and Italy. Kaitlyn has received funding for 2 international projects from Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and she also contributes to fundraising with SQx—for the capacity development and sustainability of the company in their service of underserved, at-risk, and multi-barriered populations across Western Canada. Her experience working with underserved populations has inspired her ability to provide vulnerable youth with transformative arts and culture experiences. As SQx's Assistant Director she is the Financial Planner for forthcoming projects in Canada and internationally.

Kaitlyn Bass

Associate Director & Rehearsal Director


Josephine Sarao, President

Mrs. Carole McKay-Bonin, Treasurer

Carol Sirianni, Secretary

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