Skriðuklaustur Residency in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Skriðuklaustur Residency in Egilsstadir, Iceland

SQx is proud to announce that we will take part in the Skriðuklaustur Residency to develop a new work in Egilsstadir, Iceland. This opportunity will allow us to gain valuable ecological knowledge and practices for sustainability in the arts.


The Skriðuklaustur Residency is a residence for artists, writers and scholars, Icelandic or foreign. The residence is managed by The Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson. Writers, composers, artists, musicians, dancers and scholars are invited to develop projects concerning Gunnar Gunnarsson and his life and his works, as well as projects concerning East-Iceland, nature, and culture.


Skriðuklaustur is guided by sustainable development and protection of the environment in all its work. In this way, the organization contributes to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The environmental policy and its implementation is part of the Institute’s daily work to reduce its burden on the environment, increase the communities quality of life, and inspire interest in internal environmental work. Below are Skriðuklaustur’s current environmental sustainability objectives:

  • To have sustainable development and protection of the environment as a guiding principle in all Skriðuklaustur’s work.
  • Those improvements in operations and services take into account the reduction of their environmental impact.
  • Keep resource and chemical use to a minimum and reduce pollution as much as possible.
  • Constantly work to reduce waste and promote its reuse and recycling.
  • To install heat pumps for space heating.
  • To promote environmentally friendly transport.



At SQx, we pride ourselves on our commitment to practicing environmental sustainability through continued efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and to generate a positive impact. Currently, our goals include:

  • Develop hybrid performances and performance programming models to support low-emissions transport, while increasing engagement and access to the arts.
  • Invest in training for all employees to provide knowledge and cultivate responsible and sustainable practices for remote and in-person work by 2024.
  • Lower our transport-related CO2 emissions by 28% per year by investing in a hybrid electric vehicle for in-person programming presentations by 2024.
  • Commit to securely and responsibly disposing used/outdated technology to minimize our e-waste generations.
  • Develop Tidal Wave (a new hybrid program that raises awareness about the oscillation between environmental sustainability and climate change with social inclusion), to increase environmental stewardship amongst youth.

We are committed to achieving our goals for environmental sustainability to improve the quality of the lives of our employees and the communities we serve both in Canada and internationally, and protect our ecosystem for future generations.


We’re so excited to work with Skriðuklaustur to further develop and uphold our organizational environmental sustainability objectives through meaningful and thought-provoking work. Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook to follow the development of our project!