(Another) Data Analyst Intern

(Another) Data Analyst Intern

We are recruiting for (another) Data Analyst Intern to support the design, presentation, & evaluation of our new socially conscious dance program, Active Inclusion Program (AIP).


Job Title: Active Inclusion Program (AIP) Data Analyst Intern

Start Date: As soon as possible

Wage: $20 / hour x 35 hours / week


Job Description 

SQx is developing a new 3-year socially conscious dance program called Active Inclusion Program (AIP) which is being created to disrupt discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism in youth populations as a method for increasing awareness about: 

  • Canada’s cultural diversity
  • Issues affecting underrepresented populations in fully participating in society


AIP Explores Canadian Diversity & Inequities in our Society by

  • Establishing a safe learning environment to discussion & brainstorm solutions to important but difficult subjects that are not clearly defined in arts education curriculums. 
  • Establishing a sense of belonging in schools by addressing discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism. 
  • Exploring relationships between identity, place, culture, society, & belonging through the arts. 
  • Establishing understanding & appreciation of personal, social, cultural historical, contexts in relation to contemporary dance.
  • Mapping relationships among cultures, communities, & the arts. 
  • Negotiating identity, place, culture, & belonging through arts experiences. 
  • Creating experiences to expand people’s sense of identity & belonging.
  • Promoting art as a means to develop empathy for others’ perspectives & experiences.


Because of the ongoing pandemic, AIP will follow a Digital Structure

  • 10 minute opening video performance
  • 5 days (75 minutes / day) online workshop, which includes
    • Warm-Up
    • Group Engagement with e-book about how functional human movement can disrupt or promote negative routines, beliefs, & behaviours about  discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism.
    • SQx phrases & creative class with participants devising & embodying short phrases
    • Discussions about Equity, Responsibility, Empathy, COVID & BLM Confronting Racism, Prejudice, Inclusion, Reconciliation, Cross Cultural Sharing, Confronting Discrimination, Cyberbullying & Online Hate, Belonging, Shared Canadian Identity, Changing Attitudes, Youth Action & Justice, Where to Go for Help, Multiculturalism, Diversity
  • Final Day: 10 minute closing video performance


AIP Participant Catchment Reach:  BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NS


Environmental Sustainability

Through the digital presentation of our programs, we reduced our transport related CO2 emission by 33,750kg annually

  • We saved 274kg of disposable PPE by presenting our work online
  • We’ve saved 250kg of CO2 emissions by becoming fully paperless (all books and records & evaluations are online)
  • By wearing uniforms and costume made of sustainable and organic materials, we’ve reduced our GHG emissions by 205kg


Intern Requirements

  • Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)


Hiring Practices

  • Dance experience is an asset, but not required
  • Preference is given to vulnerable populations 


How We Define Vulnerable

We engage with people who have been systemically underserved in Canada’s history as well as those that currently experiencing hegemonic inequities (physical, economic, or social).  In using the term “vulnerable,” we are not blaming or disempowering vulnerable populations.  Instead, we recognize the systemic barriers that prevent people from fully participating in society. We also note that a person’s proximity to hegemonic characteristics (e.g. male, white, urban, cis, heterosexual, wealthy, able-bodied, and thin) affects the degree of their vulnerability.

Hiring from vulnerable populations is critical to the identity of the organization, and it is how we work towards continuously improving our organization & programming to ensure that our work considers the experiences of diverse participants.


About SQx

SQx is a registered Canadian charity based in South Slocan, BC. Our mission is to use contemporary dance to promote kinship, collaboration, & teamwork. We further the development of dance and public engagement through performance and outreach programming. We use dance to make the world a better place. 

Our programs use an innovative and inspiring approach to actively engaging Canada’s youth with arts and culture programming, which stems from the blended social-cultural value of our work. 

Both our programs and performances balance the promotion of art & culture with addressing community issues.

Since the onset of COVID we have championed digital engagement in the arts and working remotely to keep our recipient communities and staff safe. 

Our work has been presented across Canada and Europe and also in Mexico and Morocco.

Our logo is inspired by a SeQuoia tree, which symbolizes the giant eXperience of our programs and performances.


Job Duties & Responsibilities

Intern(s) will support not only the presentation of AIP, but also the analysis of our qualitative and quantitative evaluation results to help us generate metrics, research, and impact snapshots.

Use Zoom to work with other artists to develop choreography for a new digital performance

  • Work collaboratively using Dropbox, Google Drive, & Zoom to share files and teleconference with other SQx staff. 
  • Use Zoom to dance online to develop new phrases and choreography derived from functional human movement.
  • Learn to use Jamboard to brainstorm functional human movement patterns to develop new choreography in preparation for filming
  • Use Vimeo to publish video content for participants (privately)
  • Use Vimeo to publish supplemental performance content for the general public using our new Pay-Per-View (PPV) showcase platform
  • Edit video clips of the creative team’s dance content using both Quicktime, iMovie, & FinalCutPro.  Different softwares will be used for different types of editing techniques depending on the performance quality intended
  • Film new dance choreography using iPhones, iPads, GoPro, & Drone—device depends on desired artistic outcome


Analyze the quantitative results of online surveys to present recommendations to those most affected by the organizations actions (formerly known as stakeholders)

  • Work collaboratively on Zoom with other SQx staff colleagues to analyze online surveys by tallying results in a google drive and google docs from the information that is presented from thousands of Google surveys.


Develop promotional and marketing materials including blog posts and digital vision impact snapshots

  • Work collaboratively on Zoom with other SQx staff colleagues to develop promotional and marketing materials.
  • Use WordPress to publish English blogposts and translate into French, so promotional and marketing materials are available in both official languages. 
  • Use Venngage Editor to publish the results from evaluation surveys from administrators, educators, and participants in 1-page visualizations that make the impact of AIP easy to read for by the organization by featuring testimonials, metrics, stories, pictures, charts, or graphs. 


Devlopment of new databases to identify vulnerable participant communities that synchronizes information with online registrations

  • Online analysis of communities, school districts, and educators across Western & Northern Canada using websites and government databases to create an internal resource to support increasing the scope and scale of AIP presentation
  • Working together online and sharing documentation  


Development of online evaluation tools for both youth participants & educators

  • Creation & online presentation of survey questions for participants and educators that support the Lickert scale
  • Correlation and tallying of survey results into Vision Impact Snapshots, that will abstract the qualitative & quantitative results. Vision Impact Snapshots are 1 page visualizations that make the impact of DPOD easy to read by featuring testimonials, metrics, stories, pictures, charts, or graphs
  • Distribution of survey links through email & QR codes


Because intern(s) will collaborate with a diverse creative team, they will learn new soft-skills through the assurance of supervised mentorship. Intern(s) will refine and augment skills in

  • authentic leadership
  • teaching
  • interpersonal communications skills
  • written and oral communication skills
  • collaborative problem-solving
  • conflict resolution
  • public speaking
  • client service (in coordination and organization with educators and administrators)
  • character building
  • cooperation and teamwork
  • understanding written documents
  • developing positive professional relationships
  • professional responsibility and accountability (with respect, but not limited to, body language and tone of voice)
  • creativity and originality
  • initiative
  • coping with stress/anxiety
  • learning from mistakes 
  • multi-task management
  • coordination of large groups of children/youth
  • leadership in the workplace


Knowledge & Skill Requirements

  • Awareness of Canada’s cultural diversity 
  • Willingness to work within a diverse Creative Team



  • one-to-one & group feedback
  • Samples of past online presentation platforms from previous work
  • A team of like-minded colleagues to support collaborative problem-solving, professional development, and increasing of skills and capacities
  • Bi-monthly personal reports to monitor the student’s learning and challenge
  • Some level of flexible working hours (aside from group tasks), so student can learn and work at their own pace and freedom
  • Equipment: computer, adapters, camera holders, iPad, lights


This internship is funded by the Government of Canada and work terms are under the Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) Program.” 



To Apply: Contact us with cover letter, CV, 3 professional references, and photo.