TransCultural Exchange | Create the Future

TransCultural Exchange | Create the Future

Executive Director, Carmen Moreira, and Associate Director, Kaitlyn Bass, presented at TransCultural Exchange’s 2022 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Create the Future, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

TransCultural Exchange’s mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through large-scale global art projets, cultural exchanges, and educational programming. The 2022 Conference aimed to promote opportunities for artists and to encourage artists not only to attend programs where they can become acquainted with other cultures and meet/work with their peers, but also address many artists’ desire to learn about and engage in other fields of study, as well as use the arts to address today’s interconnected global reality.

Carmen’s presentation titled  ‘Active Inclusion Program (AIP): A New Performance Program to Disrupt Discrimination, Intolerance, Racism, and Hate’, focused on the ways in which we’ve use AIP to sustain inter-cultural dialogue in periods of social distancing, strategies for greater inclusivity and diversity in the arts, and digitalization’s effect on art production and life experiences.

Kaitlyn’s presentation titled ‘Digital Choreographic Solutions for the COVID Era’ focused on the innovative digital creation and presentation tools that SQx has implemented from home to create beautiful thought-provoking work, as well as a safe climate-conscious work place, and a highly adaptive creative team that uses collaborative problem-solving to counter isolationism.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and thank Mary Sherman and TransCultural Exchange for providing us with a platform to share our work!