Social Soups in Genoa

Social Soups in Genoa

SQx is invited to Social Soups for Summer 2019.  Admission to the residency program is by invitation only, and three artists are invited each year.

SQx’s residency is also in partnership with a research boat, Tethys Institute.   One week of the residency will take-place on this research vessel where Carmen will have the opportunity to interact and develop her work within a company of scientists as they conduct cetacean research.

We have been invited to Social Soups because of our shared values for the creation and promotion of socially conscious artworks.

The intent of this residency is to not only to give SQx the platform and space to create a new work but also to advance SQx’s artistic practice and further the development of the artists’ artistic voice.  In this sense, Social Soups will ensure that SQx is able to be influenced by the local culture, heritage, economy, and landscape to develop the work to be created in residence.  Based on initial discussions, SQx will visits the nearby lavender, orange, and orange blossom perfumery in addition to olive refineries and orchards.

During the residency, we also look forward to developing a long-term network of artistic exchange for further community engagement and performance opportunities with the public in both our countries after the completion of this initial residency project, which will include performances and workshops in Genoa.   



What is Social Soups?

Social Soups is a platform and project for the aesthetics of social practice around food.  Furthermore, the international and Italy-based art project, Social Soups, uses art as a means of social transformation with food as an elementary component.  By using food, multiple techniques and expressions, artists can deal with important subjects related to nutrition.  Public engagement is at the core of Social Soups, addressing artistic activities in the public realm and aiming to increase awareness of social justice and critical regionalism.  Social Soups intends to be a free, open, participatory and disposable platform with which artists can collaborate spontaneously.  In the Social Soups’ residency, the artists experience and research the social and cultural life of cities and territories and contribute to the understand of co-existence.