Interactive Dance Awareness Programming for Educators

Interactive Dance Awareness Programming for Educators

Based on popular demand, we are now separating our exceptionally popular Interactive Dance Awareness Program into 3 separate subdivisions.

  • Interactive Dance Awareness Program – Student Focus
  • Interactive Dance Awareness Program – Shared Educator & Student Focus
  • Performance Options


All 3 subdivisions will continue to foster the same much-loved social values but as we scheduled our 2015 tour, there was significant demand to increase the capacity and legacy of our work by not only sharing the merits of contemporary dance with students, but sharing the methodologies and techniques of our practice with educators, so they could continue the program legacy after our company completed programming.


Interactive Dance Awareness Program

– Shared Educator & Student Focus

The basis of our creative practice is choreology—the study of dance notation. However, for the purposes of our programming, we are not interested in writing-out dance, but in reframing the language of dance to increase the value  & understanding of the art-form.  Using choreology, it is our special language and communication tools that we are sharing with educators in our Shared Educator & Student Focus.

This program option requires genuine staff preparation prior to our arrival through our educator workbook.  However, we especially recommend professional development be completed during an Educator Seminar, which can take-place outside of school hours or on non-instructional days.

If we were to have told the Grade 5 boys that they were going to spend 3 days dancing, they would not have come to school, and now they don’t want you to leave. In fact, I bet if we were to do this for even 20 minutes a day, we would see an increase in reading & writing skills.

We understand that registering for our Interactive Dance Awareness Program already requires an enormous amount of preparation on behalf to the venue.  As we continue to clarify program options, we hope that our 2016 Registration packs will offer great clarity in terms of the different program deliveries that our programming now accommodates.  Please contact us for a registration pack.