Strategy Paper & Workshop: Digital Choreographic Solutions for the COVID Era

Strategy Paper & Workshop: Digital Choreographic Solutions for the COVID Era

We’re proud to announce that SQx has received support from the Canada Council for the Arts to develop and disseminate our Digital Choreographic Solutions for the COVID Era | Strategy Paper & Online Workshops project.

Our project will use pay-per-view (PPV) dissemination of Cecilia as a skills sharing opportunity. Using a public strategy paper & 2 online workshops, we’ll share how to effectively work from home to create beautiful, thought-provoking performances.

We’ll share how we use choreology (the study of functional human movement & dance science & notation by Laban) to make dances for and by underserved populations. Additionally, we’ll share with the sector how we’ve digitally adapted our dance-making strategy as a replicable good practice, with the main goal of promoting greater sectoral resiliency as the pandemic continues.

Anticipated Benefits of our Project

  • Increase safe remote collaboration amongst not only dance artists but across genres like our sample project, Cecilia, demonstrates.
  • Increase collaboration to reduce isolation, loneliness, & marginalization of artists under strict health restrictions.
  • Diversify creative teams to feature collaborations from across Canada to further skill-sharing.
  • Increase digital options for diverse audiences as more artists bring their projects to market.
  • Increase knowledge of digital creation tools for artists (how to aesthetically film the arts (camera angles, movement), film locations, cameras, lighting, editing software, editing to recreate dancing together).
  • Increase the ability for artists to support themselves because they’ll learn and share how to present work online using PPV, which gives artists the ability to disseminate their work independently—avoiding promoter dependency, which is difficult when venue opening times fluctuate with COVID.

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