2020 ERSA Congress in Bolzano, Italy

2020 ERSA Congress in Bolzano, Italy

SQx will be presenting at the 2020 ERSA Congress in Bolzano, Italy.  We will present as part of the session, « Culture in non-urban territories: challenges on mobility & eco balance, migrations, education opportunities, empowerment, » which is organized the ENCC.


Conference Theme:  Territorial Futures – Visions and Scenarios to Cope with Megatrends in a Changing Europe

Dates:  25-28 August, 2020


  • Eurac Research – Institute for Regional Development
  • The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (UNIBZ)


About the Congress

« Europe is experiencing different megatrends with significant impacts on society and territories. The 2020 ERSA Congress in Bolzano will provide a quick and up-to-date overview of these challenges and the implications for the domain of Regional Science in Europe. It will also explore potentially successful strategies to deal with the negative consequences of these trends, while also considering their positive effects.

With approximately 800 participants every year from all continents, the ERSA congresses have become the largest academic conferences in regional science worldwide. »