Data Analyst Intern

Data Analyst Intern

We are recruiting for 1 Data Analyst Intern to support the design, presentation, & evaluation of our new socially conscious dance program, Active Inclusion Program (AIP).


Job Title: Active Inclusion Program (AIP) Data Analyst Intern

Start Date: Monday, September 20, 2021

Job Description 

AIP  is being created to disrupt discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism in youth populations as a method for increasing awareness about: 

  • Canada’s cultural diversity 
  • Issues affecting underrepresented populations in fully participating in society


Because of the ongoing pandemic, AIP will follow a Digital Structure

  • 10 minute opening video performance 
  • 5 days (75 minutes / day) online workshop, which includes 
    • Warm-Up 
    • Group Engagement with e-book about how functional human movement can disrupt or promote negative routines, beliefs, & behaviours about  discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism. 
    • SQx phrases & creative class with participants devising & embodying short phrases
    • Discussions about Equity, Responsibility, Empathy, COVID & BLM Confronting Racism, Prejudice, Inclusion, Reconciliation, Cross Cultural Sharing, Confronting Discrimination, Cyberbullying & Online Hate, Belonging, Shared Canadian Identity, Changing Attitudes, Youth Action & Justice, Where to Go for Help, Multiculturalism, Diversity
    • Final Day: 10 minute closing STOP-ACTION VIDEO PERFORMANCE


AIP Promotes Cross Cultural Sharing & Raising about Canadian Diversity  & Inequities in Our Society By

  • Establishing a safe learning environment to discussion & brainstorm solutions to important but difficult subjects that are not clearly defined in arts education curriculums. 
  • Establishing a sense of belonging in schools by addressing discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism. 
  • Exploring relationships between identity, place, culture, society, & belonging through the arts. 
  • Establishing understanding & appreciation of personal, social, cultural historical, contexts in relation to contemporary dance.
  • Mapping relationships among cultures, communities, & the arts. 
  • Negotiating identity, place, culture, & belonging through arts experiences. 
  • Creating experiences to expand people’s sense of identity & belonging.
  • Promoting art as a means to develop empathy for others’ perspectives & experiences.


AIP Participant Catchment Reach:  BC, AB, SK, MB, YK, & NT


Intern Requirements

  • Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)
  • Bilingual Proficiency (written & spoken)


Hiring Practices

  • Dance experience is an asset, but not required
  • Preference is given to the following underrepresented youth populations
    • Indigenous
    • People of diverse abilities 
    • Youth from remote and rural areas
    • LGBTQIA2S+
    • minoritized ethnicities, religions, & languages 
    • Newcomers and refugees


Intern Roles & Responsibilities

  • Development & analysis of online qualitative & quantitative evaluation tools for AIP youth participants, educators, & administrators in collaboration with SD36 – Surrey
  • Data analysis & documentation to support the development of new AIP databases to catalogue learning outcomes, feedback, & demographics of vulnerable participant communities to support AIP’s future distribution & evolution 
  • Data analysis to support the synchronization of new and existing databases with AIP online registration system 
  • Working collaboratively with existing SQx staff to develop a new digital performance & teaching platform for dance (that is not prerecorded) for AIP
  • Cataloguing AIP participant creative class footage in preparation for stop-action video editing


To Apply: Contact us with cover letter, CV, 3 professional references, and photo by Friday, September 17, 2021.