Call for Applicants: 3 Youth Presenters

Call for Applicants: 3 Youth Presenters

SQx is recruiting 3 Youth Presenters to support the design, delivery, and evaluation of our new Community Training and Performance Program (CTPP), Tidal Wave.


JOB TITLE: Youth Presenter


WAGE: 35 Hours / Week – $20 / Hour


START DATE: July 23, 2023



Youth Presenter will work with other SQx presenters to DESIGN, DELIVER, & EVALUATE TIDAL WAVE.

  • Develop a 3-day arts-based community development process to engage vulnerable youth with:
    • Dance performance by professional dancers
    • TikTok video development with participants
    • Discussions
  • Investigate different ecological frameworks like 1) How do climate related disasters more adversely affect vulnerable populations? Consequently, how do climate related disasters support or oppose inclusion? OR 2) How does water access affect inclusion?



  • Developing of new hybrid performance & teaching platforms for dance
  • Developing new physical and digital professional performance
  • Developing of online evaluation tools for both youth participants & educators
  • Data analysis & documentation to support the development of new Tidal Wave databases to catalogue learning outcomes, feedback, & demographics of vulnerable participant communities to support Tidal Wave’s future distribution & evolution
  • Developing of new databases to identify vulnerable participant communities that synchronize
    information with online registrations
  • Using Zoom to work with other artists to develop choreography workshop tasks and exercises for vulnerable youth
  • Analysis the quantitative results of online surveys to present recommendations to those most affected by the organizations actions (formerly known as stakeholders)



Tidal Wave is a program aiming to raise awareness about the oscillation between environmental sustainability and climate change with social inclusion.

HYPRID: The program will investigate balancing physical & digital presentations to maintain our environmental sustainability accomplishments established during COVID—but not compromising engagement in vulnerable youth. 

From 2020-2022, we:

  • Reduced our carbon footprint by 407,018kg
  • Saved 475kg of disposable personal protective equipment through the digital presentation of our work
  • Reduced our workplace related CO2 by 338,000kg by working remotely
  • Reduced our GHG emissions by 442K by wearing uniforms and costumes made of sustainable and organic materials

NEW CHALLENGE: As the pandemic subsides, we’re challenged with how to continue to balance our environmental sustainability accomplishments as we incorporate more physical work. In “Tidal Wave,” environmental sustainability is part of both the theme and the action-plan for presentation.

Tidal Wave’s new format and theme, will help us develop sustainable growth in our organization for a post-pandemic era. Whilst participants are meaningfully impacted by:

  • Cool digital tools and a professional performance to engage with art and culture and ecology
  • Thought-provoking discussions and engagement exercises to reflect on environmental sustainability and advocacy
  • Opportunity to explore the uneven distribution of the climate change burden and how it correlates to social inclusion



  • All candidates must be between 15-30 years old
  • Dance experience is an asset, but not required
  • Preference is given to the following underserved youth populations
    • Indigenous youth
    • Special needs or disability youth (including those with mental health issues)
    • Low-income youth
    • Youth from remote and rural areas
    • LGBTQ2S+ youth
    • Minoritized languages
    • Minoritized ethnicities
    • Newcomers and refugees
    • Youth who have not been previously employed



  • Youth  who have the excellent ability to shift weight, learn choreography quickly, and perform dances with dynamic snd spatial precision
  • Extraordinary role models who are can teach and perform our choreology syllabus to youth-at-risk between ages 5 – 18 years old
  • An advanced level of physical activity and coordination


REQUIREMENTS: Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)


TO APPLY: Email with a dance video, cover letter, CV, and 3 references.