Cecilia – Digital Co-Creation

Cecilia – Digital Co-Creation

First performance: October, 2022

Cecilia Poster (Draft 3)
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This dance was created during the height of COVID-19 restrictions.  However, despite the pandemic, we experimented with making art in new sustainable ways.  We set-out to make a performance that would be created and presented entirely digitally with the hopes of promoting green mobility. We used isolation and restriction as an opportunity to deepen the aesthetics of the work and develop new ways to reach our audiences.

Many of the artists involved in this project still have never met each other and continue to work remotely.

For some, we met for the first time on Santa Maria—a small magical island in the Portuguese mid-Atlantic archipelago called the Açores. The lush, green landscape is a fitting testament the environmental objectives of our co-production.

Production Details

Dancers:  Variable production proportions available for touring with 4 or 6  dancers

Length:  30 min

Special Requirements:  Projector