First performance: February, 2016

Version 2

We are extraordinarily grateful to have been selected to as Artist in Residence at USF Verftet in 2016.  The studio, culture, and landscape combine made it a luxury to be working on “Sprout” — a story about friendship:

—That we do not have to be the same to be friends

—That it is not about us, but what we do together

—That without each other plants cannot grow,  and tomorrow will not be as bright if we do not work together.

“Sprout” is designed for young audiences and families.  Using choreology, the work has a lyrical storyline that features the sun and the rain. Nevertheless, the principal character or symbol of the work is the plant, the sprout—the great resolution to the storm.  More importantly though, that the plant cannot grow without both monsters of the weather (sun and rain)–the burning sun and the torrential rain need each other for life to exist—that life needs them.

Production Details

Dancers:  Variable production proportions available for touring with 4 or 6  dancers

Length:  20 minutes