Over a Rainbow

First performance: August, 2017


36 000 pictures of everyday, life, and love accumulate and flicker in rainbow order (ROYGBIV) over an interior monologue—where the dancers attempt to fly “Over A Rainbow” and in doing so portray a bold prayer, so that audiences observe:

—That flying isn’t natural, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it

—That falling is a part of flying


Other Notes:  Work was created in residency at USF Verftet (Norway), Akropoditi Dance Center (Greece), SPAM! (Italy).


At SQx, use choreology (study of dance science and notation) to create movement and tell stories.  Our intent is that with clarified movement coupled with with video / photo projection, we are able to increase audience engagement—because of the increased ability of the audience to be perceive themes, symbols, and the struggle of the performers.  Our hope is that with the combination of choreology and projection–audiences will be more engaged as a consequence of their enhanced understanding of the performance.

The video installation shows time increasing in speed, and is an overwhelming experience on the senses.  The work shows and feels great emotion (though we understand it can be abstractly interpreted)–while the dance is relatively more peaceful, but discomforting.  It is a graceful dichotomy.

Production Details

Dancers:  Variable production proportions available for touring as a solo or with, 2, 3, or 4 dancers.

Length:  35 minites

Special Requirements:  Projector

Work uses only projection.  There is no lighting aside from bringing-down house lights.  Dancers are familiar with how to set-up the projector to ensure the proper sight lines.  We can set-up in 2 hours.   Projector needs to be placed on the ground of the stage (in front) as far back as possible from projection wall or screen.  Either a white or black background is ideal for projection (e.g.:  no coloured brick walls).  Ideally, it is a presented in a space that is 5×5 – 8×8 meters.