First performance: January, 2021

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A study of our connection to the earth.

The work is currently in the research and development phase.  In “Lola,” we plan to investigate how people have become connected or dissociated from the planet.  The work will once again be interdisciplinary and combine dance with a video and sound installation.  The sound installation is being composed from public interviews taken in residency and while touring.

In “Coroner,” we had to tread lightly over the question of “faith” and “God,” and in “Lola,” we will similarly have to tread lightly on interviewees view of climate change.  As a company, we are now have an artistic legacy of relaying often controversial issues, but all the while representing “a varied thought-climate” without taking sides or showing preference for political correctness or certain beliefs and practices.

The video projection features video recordings and interviews that are collected from:

  • local elders
  • scientists
  • manufacturing / industry
  • etc.

Production Details

Dancers:  Variable production proportions available for touring with 4 or 6  dancers

Length:  TBA

Special Requirements:  Projector