Application Form

School transcript (for those still pursuing their professional training or who have 1 year or less paid professional performance experience)

Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)

Doctor’s note detailing that your health and fitness are at a suitable level to ensure completion of the program

Attendance at one Online Professional Class (via Zoom)


If you’re unable to attend any of our Online Professional Classes, we will accept a Vimeo or Youtube link.

For video submissions, please include:

3 push-ups, arms below shoulders, Plié with ports de bras and cambré (as you wish), Rond de jambe à terre (right OR left), Battement tendu (right OR left), Battement glissé / degagé (right OR left), Battement fondu (right OR left), Battement frappé & petit battement (right OR left), Grand battement (right OR left), Adage in centre (at least two extension on each leg), Pirouettes (both sides) with tendus, en dehors, en de dans, Petit allegro including assemblé, jeté, Grande allegro (diagonally across the floor, right AND  left)

Upon receiving your application materials, we will contact you to make arrangements to begin the 2-part interview process.  Please bear in mind that all applicants 18 years and under are required to complete a more rigorous interview process, which  includes multiple parent interviews.


Uniform & costumes

Apple Laptop, Ethernet Cable, Smart Power-Strip (for digital presentations)

Nutritious, well-balanced meals (when touring in-person)

Internal transportation (apprentices are required to obtain personal transportation to and from (YCG) or (YZZ) (when touring in-person).

Official accommodation will be provided by Big Red Cats at Red Mountain Resort (when touring in-person).


Application Deadline: Friday, February 24, 2023

Interviews Begin: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Entrance Offers Delivered By: Friday, March 10, 2023

Deadline for Applicants to Accept Offers: Friday, March 24, 2023

Spring Session: TBA

Fall Session: TBA

Location: Online (with opportunities for in-person touring both in Canada and in the Açores, Portugal)  

Questions about APP or the application process?