Emily Carr’s Thirteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society

Emily Carr’s Thirteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society

SQx will be presenting:  “Using Choreology to Increase Arts and Culture Engagement in Multi-Barriered Populations” at the Emily Carr’s Thirteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society.

Location:  Emily Carr, University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC

Dates:  June 27 – 29, 2018

This opportunity to present at Emily Carr is an extraordinary opportunity for feedback and exposure, but also the development of partnerships and new funding sources that will bolster the work we are completing at home and abroad.




We will present  SQx Dance Company as a case study.

  • Mission:  To use contemporary dance to promote kinship, collaboration, and teamwork.  
  • 5 qualities that set us apart from other art and culture organizations: 
    • Vision
    • Target Populations of Underrepresented, At-Risk, Indigenous, Multi-Barriered Communities, Rural
    • Rural Location
    • Interactive Dance Awareness Program
    • Use of Choreology (study of dance science based on methodologies of Rudolf Laban to increase audience engagement in art and culture).   

Description of Practical Applications of Our Work

We designed our special blended social-cultural social enterprise to best serve vulnerable populations across Western and Northern Canada from the Area I of the Regional District of Central Kootenay. We use a mix of professional dancers and those with barriers to employment to deliver programming and put special role models in communities. 



Our interactive performance programming balances the promotion of positive social values with art and culture and physical activity for vulnerable populations.  Blended value ensures we create long-term legacy relationships with inner-cities & remote and rural communities, but it also ensure the sustainability of the organization because of a diversified funding scheme.  


 Blended value simultaneously requires that we have to specially train a workforce that is ready for the special challenges of serving diverse populations using social innovative art and culture programming. Furthermore, demand for our work is seemingly endless (both at home and abroad).  This results in a systematic change in the demand for employees in contemporary dance.