Co-Creation With CIRCE – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre

Co-Creation With CIRCE – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre

Over the coming months, SQx Dance Company and CIRCE – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre (Tbilisi, Georgia) will develop a digital video performance using choreology–the of functional human movement & dance notation by Rudolph Laban).

The theme of this work will be how wind is a metaphor for perseverance and women’s empowerment.

Through the work, we will research perseverance in the face of adversity using wind as our symbol. With an all female performance cast from both partners, dancing through windy conditions is our metaphor to symbolize women’s empowerment despite distress and hardship. 

Using a bit of whimsy with the wind, we will create a COVID-safe digital dance. Therefore, experimenting with developing a digital performance online using Zoom is our biggest goal. We will explore how to add humour and grace to our contemporary dance practice by responsibly combining using windspeed and goggles as metaphors for the challenges and set-backs that women face in society—and the pressure to follow a certain direction (or conform). The dancers will dance against the direction the wind blows–representing their strength, resilience, and spirit. 

Our international production strategy is to use COVID isolation as an inspiration for filming and experimenting with our themes: wind and women’s empowerment. COVID restrictions are an opportunity to deepen the aesthetics of the work and develop new digital ways to reach our audiences. Our digital collaboration will promote green mobility and will address how we can advance our artistic practice (of making art and new partnerships) even when international travel isn’t permitted or ideal. In this project, we want to develop a sustainable, international remote creation strategy that will serve us for future projects—because no one knows when the pandemic will be over.

This project also allows both SQx & CIRCE to expand our services for working with underrepresented populations and create a foundation for future projects together. 

SQx Creative Team Working with CIRCE

  • Carmen Moreira (Choreographer & Editor)
  • Kaitlyn Bass (Rehearsal Director, Dancer, & Editor)
  • Adroc Sol (Composer)
  • Margaux Labossière (Dancer & Support Editor)
  • Kéïta Fournier-Pelletier (Dancer & Support Editor)
  • Gwendolyn Mitchell (Dancer & Support Editor)
  • Kiah Francis (Dancer & Support Editor)
  • Sarah Nelson (Dancer & Support Editor)