2016 Apprentice Performance Program Announced

2016 Apprentice Performance Program Announced

We’re recruiting for our next cohort of apprentices.  Unlike 2015, there will be 2 intakes of apprentices in 2016:

  • Monday, April 18 – Friday, June 24 (10 weeks)—limited availability
  • Monday, August 15 – Friday, December 16 (18 weeks)

The 2016 application is also slightly different than in the past:

  • Application Deadline:  December 1, 2015
  • Entrance offers will be delivered by December 31, 2015
  • Applicant acceptance is due by January 31, 2016
  • Spring Program Fee:  $3200, Fall Program Fee:  $2000

Things to Consider As You Apply

This is an unpaid opportunity.  However, collaborating with SQx on either of these project permits apprentices to share and expand skills and knowledge within a professional performance tour context.

Should the collaboration be successful,  other opportunities (including those paid) will become available in subsequent seasons.

All future employment and performance opportunities are dependent on the professional  development outcome of this program—focusing on the reception and practice of technique, style, methodologies, rehearsals, and delivery of Community Training & Performing Program Syllabus.  We also consider maturity, focus, self-discipline, and the practice or potential for outstanding leadership skills.  In previous years, apprentices have transitioned to paid positions with the company and projects with our European branch.  Ultimately, our intention is to train & hire apprentices—not merely to provide professional development.  

We are acutely aware that many young people are torn between dancing and pursuing an academic career (as a safety net).  A number of senior staff have both academic and dance degrees.  Therefore, we know that post-secondary education is invaluable in building character to contribute to the creative process in the studio (and as a safety net).  Consequently, once an artist completes the program and wishes to continue, we work with them (on an individual basis) if they decide to pursue full-type dancing or balance semesters / terms with university.

Furthermore, this program is also designed for artists “on the fence” about pursuing dance.  Our short programs (in comparison to 3 – 4 year degrees) will give you a very good idea if you want to continue in the industry.

Our apprentices our like journey-men electrician’s or plumbers.  You have to learn the trade before you earn a salary, but  you learn the trade from the crafters directly.

Click here for more information about our 2016 Apprentice Performance Program.