12th Annual International Festival of Tale and Popular Arts in Zagora, Morocco

12th Annual International Festival of Tale and Popular Arts in Zagora, Morocco

SQx has been invited to the 12th Annual International Festival of Tale and Popular Arts in Zagora –  المهرجان الدولي للحكاية والفنون الشعبية بزاكورة.  This will be the first time that our work has been presented in both Africa and an Arab nation.  We will will be presenting Over A Rainbow and our Interactive Dance Awareness Program.

Festival Dates: October 9 – 13, 2019

Festival Venue:  Zagora Cultural Centre Theatre المركز الثقافي بزاكورة

The Festival Targets

  • The farmer and his relationship with his land
  • The woman in general and the rural woman in particular
  • The students of educational institutions
  • The public of art and culture in the city and its surroundings
  • The readers and the interested public


The Goal of the Festival Is

  • Rehabilitating the tale in our contemporary culture, as a symbolic capital whose repercussions increase with the trivialization of new media
  • Integration of women in artistic and cultural activities
  • Make women aware of how to conserve local and national cultural and artistic heritage
  • To make the tale attractive to the public, and make the public aware on the diversity of its worlds, its values ​​and its qualitative scope
  • Consider the place of arts and culture in the public space and establish gateways of meeting and communication between intellectuals and creators Moroccan, Arab and international
  • To encourage reading and artistic creation among educated classes, in view of their determining impact on education and awareness and the promotion of the values ​​of fraternity, dialogue and difference
  • To pay tribute to local and regional talents in the field of culture, and recognize its true value aesthetic and ethical work for cultural promotion in the South


Directors Words

  • The new edition of the Zagora festival of storytelling and popular arts is a valuable opportunity to highlight the relationship between earth and folk art.
  • The Zagora region with its marvellous oasis is well known for agriculture and pasture activities. In fact, its inhabitants have developed, throughout history, a close relationship with their land by celebrating the different  stages of cultural rotation through multiple artistic events such as dance and storytelling.
  • For example, the phases of cultivation, harvesting, drought and rain, they are strong moments for these inhabitants to express their feelings of joy, prayer or complaint to God through dances, songs and tales.