Interactive Dance Awareness

Interactive Dance Awareness

About This Performance

We use dance to work with youth-at-risk communities to deliver a process-based learning program where SQx artists use rigorous physical activity and imagination to promote

  • Fitness
  • Friendship
  • Anti-bullying
  • Anti-racism
  • Cooperation
  • Fair-play
  • Creativity
  • Character building
  • Teamwork
  • Development of cognitive functions through complex tasks and exercises
  • Physical Literacy


20 Minute Performance Community Training & Performance Program begins with a performance by SQx dancers where students see artists role modelling inclusion and teamwork to complete rotating choreography.

Positive Role Models – Students watch dancers struggle to complete the tasks and observe that “the better we work together,” the more unified the performance is. We demonstrate cohesion and inclusion with positive reinforcement when overcoming challenging tasks. This performance is an inspiring introduction to the positive social values that are the pinnacle of our program.

Interactive Workshops – SQx dancers interact with students guiding them through rigorous physical activity with the goal of reinforcing character building through exercises that require selflessness, patience, perseverance, and collaborative problem-solving to achieve success.

Reflection – Once daily, all students, staff and dancers meet for a reflective discussion assessing school-wide progress in establishing unconditional inclusion and teamwork—despite challenges that transpire because of the strategic program design.

Recognition & Achievement – In discussion with school staff, our artists distribute t-shirts in a formal school-wide presentation where select students are recognized for their extraordinary achievements in taking risks in learning and role modelling superb leadership skills.

Closing Celebration – The program culminates with a 45-minute school-wide performance that naturally develops as students work through the weeklong bespoke syllabus.  Family and friends attend.  Having 100 – 800 students working together is a profound experience.

Workbook – Throughout the program, staff develop strategies to integrate our syllabus in their classrooms with the help of an accompanying workbook that we provide. Workbooks is derived from  choreology (study of dance science).

Target Populations

  • minority language groups (we deliver in French & English)
  • minority ethnic groups & religions
  • Indigenous communities
  • rural communities
  • inner-cities
  • schools with Syrian refugees or other newcomers
  • special needs students
  • multi-barriered populations