About This Performance

ROAG6-17, ROBG8-17, and ROCG14-17 & ROAG6-17+, ROBG8-17+, and ROCG14-17+ are the names of the repertoire options that coordinate with the program fee options chosen for our Community Training & Performance Program (CTPP).  Internally, dancers refer to each of the above titles as “Demos.”  R = repertoire, O = option, G = Group, # = program artists.   Repertoire for these performances changes annually–as designated by the last two digits (17).  The “+” signifies that the performance is accompanied by participants of the Interactive Dance Awareness Program.

All performances use contemporary dance to promote our mission as well as encourage artistry,  fitness, cooperation, fair-play, creativity, character building, and leadership.

We dance the themes of the entire program.  The audience sees us working together as a team to complete rotating choreography (for example we call out numbers to deduce individual parts).  The audience watch us struggling to complete the choreography and can tell that the better we work together the stronger and more unified the performance is (choreography is updated and increasing in complexity annually).  We also demonstrate team cohesion by giving positive feedback when competing a challenging phrase (high-fives, smiles, verbal support). What’s more, we dance (with greater difficulty and speed) the phrases that will be covered in the interactivity.


Consequently, the performances become a unified piece of art consisting of teamwork, fair-play, anti-bullying, inclusion, and choreology.  Our commitment to leading by example promotes leadership and teamwork.  This performance, accordingly, is the introduction and pinnacle to the long-term relationships that we have developed (and continue to promote) with our communities.  We were so proud that our work with the emphasis on friendship and unity continues to be in demand and embraced by communities across Canada.

  • Each delivery culminates with all participants and our dance professionals coming together in a group performance. Having upward of 300 students dancing at once is truly a moving experience.
  • Programming is 2 x ½ days – 12 days—depending on Canadian Tire sponsorship.
  • We tailor-make our program by consulting with each school about existing leadership, physical-activity levels, and arts and culture appreciation.
  • Delivered in both French & English
  • Program fee to schools varies (depending location, program size, time of booking).
  • Program is designed for K – 12 (albeit tailor-made to the requirements of grade)


Target Populations

  • minority language groups
  • minority ethnic groups & religions
  • aboriginal groups (on & off reserve)
  • rural areas
  • inner-cities
  • communities with Syrian refugees or other newcomers to Canada



We have developed a workbook that accompanies our programming to ensure we also secure a long-term legacy of our work beyond the week that we are in each community.  The workbook is also a school-staff learning tool to help teachers use choreology (study of dance science or dance notation) within their regular classrooms, so they can mimic and recreate the benefits of our work without having to constantly rely on our team.  This ensures that the benefits of the program for the direct participants can be maintained and allows us to deliver to new communities to spread the engagement in arts across a greater demographic.


Dancers:  6, 8, or 14 artists–depending on fee option

Length:  20 minutes each ROAG6-17, ROBG8-17, ROCG14-17, ROAG6-17+, ROBG8-17+, and ROCG14-17+.  Each Community Training & Performance Program features two reflective performances (e.g. ROAG6-17 & ROAG6-17+).