Active Inclusion Program (AIP)

Active Inclusion Program (AIP)

About This Performance

AIP uses contemporary dance to disrupt discrimination, intolerance, hate, & racism as a method for increasing attachment to Canada in youth-at-risk and increasing awareness about:

  • Canada’s cultural diversity
  • Issues affecting underrepresented populations in fully participating in society 


Because of the ongoing pandemic, we are delivering this performance program online. AIP encourages participants to use dance to explore identity, place, culture, society & belonging through arts and physical literacy by

  • Mapping
  • Experiencing
  • Negotiating
  • Engaging
  • Creating
  • Interpreting
  • Playing


Digital Architecture

  • 10 minute opening video performance 
  • 3-5 days (75 mins / day) online workshop
  • 10 min closing video performance created with participants through the program is shared on the final day


AIP Outcomes

  • Increase attachment to Canada
  • Promote social inclusion through the cooperation of diverse artists
  • Increase engagement and access to art and culture and physical activity in underrepresented populations
  • Increase engagement and empowerment of young women and girls
  • Provide remote arts programming for youth-at-risk
  • Promotion of digital literacy


Final Public Policy Paper

Our multi-year design and development AIP will culminate in a Final Public Policy Paper, which we’ll see to more closely link curriculums and other systems to more acutely create awareness and visibility with regards to discrimination, intolerance, hate, and racism. Our plan is to update curriculums to give them “MORE TEETH” to clearly articulate wider world issues, which ensures give educators the stimulus to address negative behaviours and attitudes in the classroom.