• SQx and your school or community coordinate a performance day at the local theatre to watch a SQX performance.

  • 1 h – 90 Minutes—including 2 x 5 minute intervals.

  • We are dedicated to making our program accessible to communities of all sizes and realize that some communities are not within “comfortable” distance of a theatre, in which case we will explore the possibility of an alternate venue such as (community rec. centre, hall, church, cultural centre, etc.).  Only as a last resort, will we perform in a gym.


  • SQx coordinates a multi-school or community performance of all or a portion of your participants with other schools & communities in your region.

  • Performance is based on the Interactive Dance Awareness Programming collaborative performance, so participants do not need extra rehearsals.

  • We have a number of interested venues that would like a performance of 100 – 500+ participants.

  • Full sponsorship opportunities available depending on scope and community wide-interest.

Have another performance design in mind?