• Experience a persons’ belief in self-worth (typically associated with a decrease in the negative aspects of school ground behaviours —such as bullying and teasing).

  • Experience the benefits of physical activity through pleasurable but challenging tasks.

  • Experience the creative embodiment of movement material while simultaneously cooperating with others in spacing, orientation, dynamics, and rhythm.


  • Part 1:  All students meet in gym, and we perform a selection of company repertoire (20 min).

  • Part 2:  Students are divided into 6 – 14 working groups depending on fee option (eg: 3 groups in gym, multi-purpose room, classrooms, etc.) and work together to complete tasks. Session(s) are divided into: Physical warm-up, Repertoire, and team-building, focus, creative, and sports-based tasks.

  • Part 3:  A collaborative performance featuring both SQx and participants is outlined and practiced—all together (20 min) and then shared staff, parents, and community. 


All 3 subdivisions of Community Training & Performance Program have the same goals. However, it is the interface that is different–depending on whether a venue’s preference is ensuring learning outcomes and goals are translated directly to participants or whether, instead, educators learn our creative and physical tasks and methodologies to then translate the benefits of programming on a more long-term basis to participants.  For more details on the advantages of each program, please see Interactive Dance Awareness Program – Shared Educator & Student Focus or Interactive Dance Awareness Program – Student Focus


Positive Role Models

Putting positive role models in schools & communities who promote physical activity and creativity to enhance curricular targets: fitness, cooperation, fair-play, character building.

Innovative Learning Environments

Providing innovative learning environments that are conventionally unavailable to a regular classroom or community setting.

Art & Culture Engagement & Participation

Increase engagement and participation in art & culture because participants are actively engaged in an innovative learning environment that combined workshops and performances—a quality program that was designed for young people.

Longterm Leadership Skills

Long-term Goal: Help young people to become positive contributors to their community because of the leadership skills they learned and practiced with us.

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